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Gopeng Town


This week in Gopeng:

Gerai Mee Kari Ami

Description: Mee Kari Ami

Mee Kari Ami (Ami's Curry Noodle) is one of the most delicious food ever exist in Gopeng beside durian. It is sold in a stall located inside Kampung Sungai Itek, Gopeng, Perak. Everyday, esspecially weekend, you will see local people and tourists enjoying the curry noodles there.

Why is the curry noodle so delicious? I've taste the noodle few times, and this is what I found:

1.     The soup is not too spicy but thick and very tasty with "mmm..." appear in my mind when I taste it.

2.     The fish balls and snacks are crunchy & fresh, probably due to the fast stock replenishment.

My conclusion, "Never Try, Never Know".


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